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LCATV's Channel 15 is your public forum, where local volunteer producers can bring their programs directly to viewers. Watch here for what your neighbors have been creating and documenting or become a producer to make your own program to air on LCATV and

A kind of carnival of music, happiness, joy and very dancable tunes with host Toni Basanta. This episode is a Rock and Blues Fest with Blind Pig records artists' videos past studio performances and more of his interview with Vermont bluesman Dennis Wilmott.

The Cuban Bridge program, music and conversation. This episode features a performance at The Old Brick Church in Williston, VT by Rebecca Padula and Aaron Flinn.

This program is part 1 (1/2 hr) of Ryan's presentation at the Rally for Life in Montpelier in January. Ryan Bomberger, the keynote speaker at the 2018 Vermont Right to Life Rally in Montpelier, has a unique perspective of the innate nature of Purpose. His biological mother was raped, yet courageously gave him a chance to live and the beautiful gift of adoption. He was adopted at 6 weeks of age and grew up in a loving, multi-racial Christian family of 15. With siblings of varying ethnicities, he grew up with a great appreciation for diversity. Ten of the thirteen children were adopted in this remarkable family. His life defies the myth of the “unwanted” child as he was adopted, loved and has flourished. Lifelines is an educational, pro-life issue oriented program focusing on current events and topics.

religious call-in program sponsored by the Milton Church of Christ



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