Drawing 2

October 20: Drawing 2 - 10-4pm, $30/$35 at Milton Artists Guild

Info/register at www.miltonartistsguild.org

This is the second part of the Drawing Intensive series of classes. It is best if students have taken the Drawing 1 Class, or have had some experience drawing. Class taught by Robert Brunelle, Jr.

Topics covered in this class include: Constructing images using basic shapes, thinking in terms of volumes rather than outlines, using shapes to determine proper proportions, hints on composition and the rule of thirds, using composition to establish mood and emotions in a drawing, and using shading and shadows to describe textures. Students will draw a still life using these concepts, and, if time permits, will have a chance to draw with pen and ink and charcoal.

Materials: Paper, pencil, eraser, and a straight-edge (ruler or triangle)