Homeless Marathon 2014

LIVE FROM BRATTLEBORO, VERMONT –THE 16TH ANNUAL HOMELESSNESS MARATHON on Free Speech TV  The Homelessness Marathon will once again bring the voices of homeless people into America's homes. "I wish we could get their bodies inside too," comments Jeremy Weir Alderson, the broadcast's founder, "but we're doing the best thing we can, by showing America why this problem should be, can be and must be solved."The broadcast, which has previously originated from Detroit, Kansas City, and Katrina-ravaged Mississippi, among other places, features live discussions with homeless people. It is a rare opportunity for homeless people to have a national audience and for listeners to see life through their eyes. The broadcast takes calls, so your community can be involved in the broadcast. In addition to airing the broadcast, you might also like to host a local "listening party" to foster discussion in your community.Please see http://news.homelessnessmarathon.org for more information.

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