UVM Med School: Lyme Disease 2017-10-03

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UVM Community Medical School: Lyme Disease - Big, Bad Borrelia burgdorferi & the Tiny Tick -- Northeasterners have likely experienced the sharp pang of dread associated with finding a tick embedded in their skin. Unfortunately, for many bitten by a Borrelia burgdorferi-infected tick, that dread can lead to fever, leg and arm weakness, facial paralysis, or short-term memory loss. Learn about the details of Lyme disease in Vermont, the body's immune response to Lyme, the manifestation of arthritis in Lyme patients, antibiotic resistance, and research designed to support and improve education and prevention practices. Panelists include staff from the Vermont Department of Health and the Vermont Center for Immunology & Infectious Diseases, as well as a CDC Lyme Corps member. Ralph C. Budd, M.D., University Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Director, Vermont Center for Immunology & Infectious Diseases; Bradley Tompkins, M.P.H., Infectious Disease Epidemiologist and Program Chief, Vermont Department of Health; Molly Markowitz, Student, Larner College of Medicine Class of 2018

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