REV: Equity Innovation 2018-01-92

REV 2018 - No One Left Behind: Equity in Innovation REV 2018 features two days of industry presentations and technical workshops on current policy, regulatory and financial issues, technological innovations, and case studies. Conference topics are geared to bring together previously disassociated and distinct energy fields across the power, heating, and transportation sectors. Low and moderate income households lack access to renewable energy technologies due to a variety of barriers, including up-front capital costs, tax policies, access to credit, relationships between landlords and tenants, outreach and awareness, and other challenges. View this session to learn more about the new Vermont Energy Access Coalition formed by Renewable Energy Vermont’s Education Fund to collaboratively identify and implement solutions to these barriers. Created in partnership with the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, a new guidebook and checklist on equitable clean energy initiative and program design will be unveiled. Panelists also share case studies featuring innovative LMI programs from around the country. Join the conversation on how our transition to total renewable energy can be more inclusive, equitable and just. For more information:

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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