Towns other than those that LCATV generally covers.

Ethan Allen Homestead Enrichment Program: Land Surveying During the Early Years in Vermont -- Land Surveyor Brad Holden covers a brief history of how towns in early Vermont were formed and the...

Mark Szuchman, Professor Emeritus Florida International University, reflects on the years between the cessation of fighting in November 1918 and the ascent of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany...

Vt Historical Society presents: Musicians Carling Berkhout, Uma Peters, and Lola Zeichner. Recorded August 3, 2019.

Part I: A History of Adamant Music School by Andrew Christiansen at the Adamant Community Club. Part II: Piano Recital by AMS Students at Waterside Hall. Recorded July 17, 2019.

How Our Metaphors & Implicit Messages Transform Trauma. Presenter: Dave Melnick, LICSW from NFI, Vermont. Recorded July 20, 2019.

Co-Hosts: Jay Simpson, Naven, and Jules Caserta. Recorded August 19, 2019.

The Lord's Homestead. Discussion program hosted by Bob Huston with Guest Ted Carlson.

Program produced by The House of Yahweh, Abilene, TX.   Check out our website for more information.

Weekly Mass produced for shut-ins, elderly and the ill. Website at  www.vermontcatholic.org

Trump speaks with voters in Manchester


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