Towns other than those that LCATV generally covers.

House Committee on General, Housing, and Military Affairs. S.54 - Regulation of Cannibas. S.23 - Increasing the Minimum Wage. Recorded April 10, 2019.

The Lord's Homestead program

Worldwide LGBTQ news headlines. Guest: Rep. Emilie Kornheiser, Windham-2-1. Co-hosts Linda Quinlan, Anne Charles and Keith Goslant. Recorded April 9, 2019.

Program produced by The House of Yahweh, Abilene, TX.   Check out our website for more information.

Weekly Mass produced for shut-ins, elderly and the ill. Website at  www.vermontcatholic.org

Rep. Peter Welch Meets with Vermont Public Access TV Leaders to Discuss Threats to Cable and Internet Access --  Congressman Peter Welch joins leaders of Vermont’s community media movement for a...

Ecology & Recovery of Eastern Old Growth. Presented by Bill Keeton. March 23, 2019

Zero Suicide. Guests: Karen Kurrle & Kirk Postlewaite of Washington County Mental Health Services. Recorded

House Committee on Energy and Technology. H.462 - Addressing Climate Change. Electric Vehicle Incentive Program. H.366 Approval Process for Renewable Energy Projects. Recorded April 3, 2019.

House Committee on Education. S.40 - Lead Remediation and Testing of Drinking Water in Facilities. H.39 - Extension of the Deadline of School District Mergers. Recorded April 2, 2019.


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