Champlain Islands Unified Union 2021-07-06

Champlain Islands Unified Union School District.  

Production Date: 
Tuesday, July 6, 2021
Approximate Length: 
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Agenda Item: 
0:00 Call to Order, Citizens and/or Staff to be Heard, Adjust the Agenda
0:02 Consent Agenda: Minutes of 6/1/2021 & 6/22/2021
0:03 Superintendent's Report
0:15 Financial Report
0:25 Approval of Bills for Payment
0:27 North Hero Campus Library Donation
0:34 North Hero and Isle La Motte Lease Updates
0:42 Walker PreK Request
0:49 Set August Retreat Agenda
1:21 C24- Interscholastic Sports; F26- Security Cameras; C20- Student Conduct and Discipline; B21- Professional Development
1:39 GISU Lease
1:56 Adjournment