Colchester DRB 2018-04-11

The Colchester Development Review Board meets at 7 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at the Colchester Meeting House on Main Street (Route 2A) or the Colchester Town Offices (781 Blakely Rd.). Agendas and minutes are available at the Town's website.   For more information contact the Department of Planning and Zoning at 264-5600.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018
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0:00 Joint Meeting with the Planning Commission
0:24 Call to Order regular DRB Meeting, Administer the Oath
0:27 DOUGLAS AND JUDITH MULAC d/b/a WOODLAND SHORES PARK RLLP - Conditional Use application for the construction of an accessory structure exceeding 50% of the ground floor of the principle structure. Property is located at 1518 Porters Point Road.
0:29 BEN AND ERICA FARMER - Appeal of denied building permit #25822 for the after-the-fact installation of a roof mounted solar array. Property is located at 87 Bayview Road.
0:42 Jacques Bailly and Leslyn Hall - Final Plat application for a three lot Planned Unit Development to subdivide a 29 acre parcel. Lots will be served by a private driveway approximately 1,800 feet in length. Property is located at 1173 Grandview rd
1:02 Severance Corners Village Center, LLC - Site Plan application to amend a previously approved site plan. The property is approved for 241 dwelling units and 97,059 square feet. Property is located at 2588 Blakely Rd
1:38 Rivers Edge Building Development - Final Plat amendment to a previously approved subdivision for a 45-unit, 22-lot planned unit development on a 25.23 acre lot. Property is located at 0, 129, 147 and 317 Annas Court
1:50 COSIMO AND SANDRA LOMARTIRE AND RIVERS EDGE BUILDING DEVELOPMENT, LLC - Preliminary Plat application for a 49 unit, 28-lot planned residential development on an existing 48 acre parcel developed with a single family residence
2:16 C12 WTH LLC AND BLACK BAY VENTURES X, LLC - Sketch plan application for a four (4) story, 92 room hotel on a 1.75 acre Commercial zoned lot. The plan includes 70 above ground parking spaces and 25 underground parking spaces
2:51 Other Business
2:53 Approval of Minutes from March 14, 2018