Fairfax Selectboard 2020-07-20

The Fairfax Selectboard meets every first, third and fifth Monday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Fairfax Town Office. For more information, contact Amy Sears, Selectboard Adm. Asst. at 849-6111 x16

Production Date: 
Monday, July 20, 2020
Approximate Length: 
Program Source: 
Agenda Item: 
0:00 Call to Order, Order of Business: Announcements/Additions & Deletions
0:01 Minutes: 7/6/2020
0:01 Accounts Payable & Payroll Warrants July 13, S. Bessette, July 20 S. Cormier
0:01 Public Forum, Correspondence
0:02 James Bowers- Fire Department Fine Issues, Appeal letter received
0:19 Deb Woodward: FY2021 Current Expense Note
0:25 Resolution to approve formation of a NWCUD (Communication Union Dist.)
0:38 Review of application of Solid Waste Management Facility Certification
0:57 Town Manager Updates
1:03 Adjournment