FEMA Region 1 Older Adult Preparedness Webinar

FEMA Region 1 Older Adult Preparedness Webinar
Rise For Preparedness
June 23 1:00 pm- 3:30 pm EST and June 24 9:00 am- 12:00 pm EST
Two-day Zoom webinar focused on disaster and emergency preparedness for adults age 55+.
Speakers will share how to respond before, during, and after disasters in the New England Area.
• Floods and Heavy Rainfall
• Severe Winter Weather
• Cybersecurity
• Personal Health and Wellness
Register Now:
Day 1: Meeting Registration - Zoom (zoomgov.com)
Day 2: Meeting Registration - Zoom (zoomgov.com)
“Individuals requiring accommodations, including sign language interpreters,
Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) and other accommodations
should contact Kate McCarthy-Barnett at 617-816-6351 or
kate.mccarthybarnett@fema.dhs.gov at least 2 weeks prior to date of event.”