Fluid Acrylic Painting

4/17- Wednesday- Fluid Acrylic Painting at MAG Art Center, taught by Christina Lesperance, 1-3pm, $30/$35

Adults and Teens 14+, ages 10 - 13 welcome with additional adult registration.
Come learn the techniques, tips, and tricks of Acrylic Pouring in this fun, interactive workshop.

Tina will discuss how to modify paints with different pouring mediums, how to create cells, and provide recipes and instructions in a handout to take home for future experimentation. All materials provided.
Each student will get a 9” x 12" canvas, paints and all other materials required to create one pour painting in class. Please come dressed for a mess.

Because the canvas needs to fully set up and dry, students will need to pick up the canvas the following day.