Georgia School Board

regular meeting of the Georgia School Board

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0:00 Call to Order
0:00 Consent Agenda: Minutes: Regular Meeting 6/5/12, Special Meeting 6/19/12, Special Meeting 8/23/12, Retreat 9/4/12, Correspondance
0:01 Appointment of Neil Hilt as LCATV Board Education Access Representative
0:14 Community Budget Forum Planning
0:26 First Reading: Revised Policy on Use of Restraint and Seclusion
0:40 First Reading: New Policy on Bullying and Harassment
1:00 Review Implications of FWSU Non-Instructional Staff Benefit Handbook
1:28 Reports: Principal
3:09 Reports: Financial
3:13 Reports: Board/School Committees: Building & Grounds
3:25 Reports: Board/School Committees: FWSU Board
3:25 Reports: Board/School Committees: Nutrition
3:32 Policy Review: Animal
3:37 Policy Review: Selection of Instructional Materials and Complaints About Instructional Materials
3:38 Policy Review: Selection of Library Materials
3:41 Policy Review: Copyright
3:47 Policy Review: Public Use of School Facilities
3:55 Policy Review: Field Trips
3:57 Policy Review: Local Action Plan
4:02 Policy Review: Annual School Reports
4:06 Policy Review: Parental Involvement Policy
4:07 Policy Review: Public Solicitation/Advertising in Schools
4:10 Policy Review: School Visits by Parents, Community, Media
4:16 Other
4:20 Executive Session