Havana Fairfax Connection 0059

Fasten Seat Belts! We are going to fly to Havana. This time, to The Karl Marx Theater in Miramar, and there you are going to enjoy a band named BAMBOLEO, sided by Family and Friends, and the special atmosphere of this hall. Bamboleo means swaying, swinging, partying, moving in place, and never LOSING THE SPOT! Bamboleo is one of the key iconic Timba Bands of the late 1990s, it's founder and bandleader is pianist Lazaro Moises Valdez. He has provided a powerhouse combination of good writing, arranging, sophisticated vocals, sex appeal and elegance in every show. Host Toni Basanta has very fond memories of this band, during his hey days as an MC at "The Vixen and The Crow Jazz Club". In those days, George Benson and Tommy Lipuma visited Havana, and Bamboleo was among their favorite bands. They have contributed to many artists recordings, and I'd love to mention one with The Temptations : "EAR RESISTIBLE" released in year 2000, and "The Tempts" won a Grammy with this production. Four years later, Lazaro Moises Valdez was among the 10 pianists for the album Love and Piano, Tribute to Frank Emilio Flynn, which won a Cuba Disco Award. Those who listen and dance to Bamboleo's hot spicy beats, will never forget them.

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Monday, August 19, 2019
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