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It might surprise Feliciano Arango's many fans, that "Bass on Cuban Timba", released in 2014, is his first DVD as a leader. The first time, that I saw him playing, was at Jazz Plaza Festival in Havana in 1980, in a Quartet led by guitarist René Luís Toledo, then I have followed him for always. Born in the Village of Guanabacoa, the bassist now 60, boasts a vast and distinguished discography that includes more than 100 albums with the groundbreaking Super Group NG La Banda in 1989, others with flutist Orlando Valle "Maraca", pianist Roberto Carcassés, singers and songwriters Yusa and Silvio Rodríguez, drummer Oliver Valdés (CD / DVD Drums La Habana), Mexican guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriela, and his family band Los Hermanos Arango (Arango Brothers). On April 4, 1989, a new band came on board, it was NG La Banda, led by flutist José Luís Cortés. Among the founders was bassist Feliciano Arango. They played all over Europe, in the biggest Jazz Festivals and dancing venues. In this new HFFC episode, we want to celebrate The Modern Timba influence in the 7 continents, either dancing or jazz, and also share with you, how Modern Cuban Beats are shaped without forgetting the roots. Now is your time to enjoy, an Approach to Cuban Dancing Music in the 1990s, a Master Class, and a Jam Session.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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