Havana Fairfax Connection 0068

A carnival of music, joy and danceable tunes with host Toni Basanta. www.cubanbridge.wordpress.com Featuring Vermont's Eric Hoh Trio at the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival 2019.
From Toni:
Bassist Eric Hoh Trio is composed of three musicians from diverse backgrounds, and everyone of them plays with intense passion and pleasure together.
Eric is always seeking new textures, new forms, new compositions, and new ways to present his signature sound. The music is diverse in a characteristically Vermont way. Their performance at the Vermont Pub & Brewery during the Burlington Discover Jazz Fest 2019, burned and boogied, lilted quietly and unfolded unexpectedly, in this prominent venue.
Keyboardist Andrew Hildebrandt resonated with passion and sensitivity. Check his Piano Tumbao on Dizzy Gillespie's Groovin' High, which really surprised me and couldn't hide my emotion. We discovered Andrew while hosting our Episode # 27 with guitarist Marc Steffenhagen, as they are longtime friends and began a band early in their lives.
Even though, the Eric Hoh Trio has been featured with various drummers, the result of this performance was dazzling and accomplished.
Drummer Gabe Jarrett served as an extraordinary partner. A life long musician, Gabe began playing at age 5 and was performing by 12. Born and raised in New York and New Jersey, he studied drums and composition at the New School Jazz program in The Big Apple (NYC), before relocating to New England.
As studies with Charlie Persip and Bob Gulotti honed his technique, demand for Gabe as a musical and creative sideman grew. When at home in Richmond, Vermont, Gabe teaches music and percussion at SUNY Plattsburgh, Johnson State and Saint Michael's College. Gabe is featured in another of our Havana Fairfax Connection episodes, # 66 with guitarist Paul Asbell Quartet, also at the Vermont Pub and Brewery during the 2019 Fest.
I'd also love to add a few lines about Gabe Jarrett. His performances at the drum kit are fundamental and archetypal, and that he is the son of pianist extraordinaire Keith Jarrett, the man who changed the face of Jazz, after his resounding Piano Solo Concerto in Colonia, Germany on January 24, 1975.
Our final liner notes for this episode, end up with a Tribute to Herbie Hancock's and Keith Jarrett's Music over the tapestry of NYC based saxophonist Russ Nolan and his Quartet.
There's a lot more to say about these World Treasures, by now, this is just a call of duty.
Peace Is All We Need.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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