Havana Fairfax Connection 0075

Shellhouse: A True Vermont Original Pop Rock Band in the LCATV studio.
Notes from Host Toni Basanta:
Shellhouse became official in 2003, taking the name of a stone in Ferrisburgh, Vermont. The band was started by Bob Teer and Jim Fox, veteran musicians and long time friends, who have been getting together to jam for many years. In 2001, their sessions turned more serious and more regular and they began working on arrangements for some of Bob's original songs.
The vibe was good and the music even better, and the pair fast quickly realized they were creating a special and unique sound.
Soon after they began recording Bob's tunes, as one was completed, Bob had another one ready to go! At first, they played all the instruments themselves, using their multi-talents on electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, bass and flutes to create their original sound. In time, they added the backgrounds vocals of Andrea Teer, who along with Bob performed for many years as a Folk Duo.
Before long, the Trio had enough songs for an album, and even before the band had officially formed, the first CD titled Boomerang was released to wide local and national critical acclaim.
With the success of Boomerang, and the demand for their sound to jump from the CD to the stage, the Trio decided to expand their reach by adding a bass player and a drummer, and in 2003, Shellhouse was officially created. While the first members of the band was enough to put Shellhouse on the map, it was not to last. Reason why Bob and Jim continued auditioning a host of drummers, some quite good. But it was Bob DeFeo, with his winning personality and professional drumming chops who ultimately fit the Shellhouse profile, and in 2004, he officially joined the band.
Finding the right bassist proved to be an odyssey. They tried out several, played with a few and ultimately lucked out when bassist Marshall Breakstone answered their add. A bassist for a number of popular Burlington bands, they knew instantly that Marshall was a kindred spirit with the experience, the chops and the right style both vocally and on bass, to complete the Shellhouse sound. Shellhouse has had gigs throughout the greater Vermont area playing their original songs and cover tunes by Van Morrison, The Box Tops, Tom Petty, John Hiatt, Bob Dylan, The Band, Eagle Eye Cherry, Warren Zevon, Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen and more. In January 2012, Shellhouse released their second CD of original music titled Indian Summer.
Shellhouse can be heard on local radio and at Clubs and venues around the greater Burlington area, the Lang Farm Concert Series, at On Tap Bar & Grill and Double E in Essex Junction, Jericho Tavern and Café, Festival on the Green in Middlebury, Harvest Fest at Shelburne farms, and countless others in Richmond and Hinesburg. Shellhouse has a new album A Road Between Two Souls with 13 original songs penned by band leader Bob Teer with his lifetime soulmate and legendary guitarist Jim Fox.
Jim Fox has ties to the 1960s and 1970s Rock lead guitarists, and his nicely playing stimulates Shellhouse's leading voices.Now, Shellhouse has a new drummer, his name is Steve Wanderlich. I found him giving the hour in Dennis Willmott's Left Eye Jump Blues Jams on Saturdays at Red Square in Burlington. Steve is also featured in our Havana Fairfax Connection episode 64 with All That, a band led by pianist Mike Maslack. He came to substitute Shellhouse's longtime drummer and never forgotten Bob DeFeo. Bob is featured in one of our first episodes, #14, with Heartless, a high caliber Vermont Rock Band that plays the music of Heart and Led Zeppelin. Making music is about relating. When a special connection occurs between musicians, that kinship allows the Songs they play together to take on a life of their own, never to be repeated quite the same way again. Hosting Shellhouse was a magical experience for me. I hope you will share in a little bit of this magic when you watch and listen to them once again.
Check them also on their own website: http://www.shellhousemusic.com Their own Record Label name is Dark Before Dawn Essex Junction and Ferrisburg, Vermont. Band leader Bob Teer is also related to some of the Most Prolific Poets in the Green Mountain State http://www.vtpoet.com

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Monday, July 13, 2020
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