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Havana Fairfax Connection presents La Solución (The Solution) A Double CD DVD featuring the nationwide Cuban Rumba Team All-Stars.
La Solución is a collaborative effort, with each Musician and Rumba Collectives, from different boroughs and provinces, contributing their own unique voices and musical concepts, who testify an unequal passion for Rumba immortals. La Solución shows the wise and calm counsel of the late Guillermo Amores throughout the process, trying first to touch base with saxophonist, composer and producer Germán Velazco, who had already taken part in the album La Rumba Soy Yo, released by Bis Music Label, feat. The Cuban Rumba All-Stars winner of the Grammy Award in 2001. Germán is the composer of Un Violín Para Chano Pozo, which in my humble opinion, exploded at listeners, dancers, the Grammy jury and continues to excel. He exercises his producing experience as well as his chops playing here.
It was emotional to feel with satisfaction, how my radio listeners reacted every time I played his Chano's Song on the radio in Cuba, and here in Vermont. I am still overwhelmed behind the mic! A Violin For Chano Pozo features violinist extraordinaire Lázaro Dagoberto González, a fixture from La Orquesta Aragón fame, who beautifully flavored the arrangement, and is now a Grammy winner soloist with this renowned Dancing Orchestra, which is celebrating 81 years on the bandstands of the 7 continents, including The Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, Russia!
In La Solución, the selection covered 3 Classics by Los Papines, and Juan Formell, and others written specially for this album, and Homage to singer Rita Montaner by Yuliet Abreu "La Papina", and Melbis Santa (now a shining star in NYC). Another significance of this project, is that IT speaks of longevity, threads that connect the ancient to the present on Siriaca La Ecolera, renders Tribute to legendary Pancho Quinto and other legendary Rumberos like Jesús Alfonso, leader for many years of Los Muñequitos de Matanzas.
La Solución keeps melodies, images, and wistful words floating on Juntémonos (Let's Get Together) by Rumbero Bueno Raúl de la Caridad González Brito, better known as Lali, former member of Clave y Guaguancó Group, who left us too soon this year. I believe that by being Open to receiving, promoting and sharing Rumba Voices and Rhythms, story tellers will always remain deep and powerful.
La Solución intends to find a Solution to The Solution, it's a Hard Look at differences, and how we are really of One Color with many hues, connected to protest against systemic racism and discrimination in life and social media. We still have a long and winding road to go, and as Diosdado Ramos dancer and new band leader of Los Muñequitos de Matanzas stated: "Here we are all together, this project is for all the Rumberos, no one is displaced to put another. It's something beautiful, and people are thinking differently about La Rumba ..."
Diosdado is the lei motif for Juan Formell to compose "De La Habana a Matanzas" as Diosdado moved from his home in Buena Vista (Havana borough), to Matanzas to play with Los Muñequitos, and has stayed there for always. Listen to him speaking with passion about Rumba in this anthemic DVD!
From The Cradle: I have celebrated this ancestral music style sharing plenty of videos on Facebook and through the years in my radio shows since 1989 in Havana, in Montevideo the capital of Uruguay in 1996, and in Vermont since 2007.
From The 60'ies: Abreu's Dynasty - In my childhood, when the First Album of Los Papines sounded in the Rock Ola Juke Boxes of my family, I could dance to them, and years after, when The 4 Fabulous Rumba Brothers recorded their Super Hit "Tasca Tasca Tosco To", sided by their sons on Modern Dancing Group Sello LA, I invited them all to play One Night at La Zorra y El Cuervo Jazz Club in Havana, where I was the programmer-producer and MC. The Club was packed ! Hosting La Solución CD DVD Combo on the radio and on television, let me dig and discover the old and the new of La Rumba Cubana, in the likes of young lions like percussionist Adonis Panter, dancers like El Igual, and the legendary Group of Los Chinitos de La Corea.
This timeless music still sounds fresh, infectious and lively today. And as Amado Dedeu Sr. leader of Clave y Guaguancó affirms:
"our Cuban Rumba has overcome all the obstacles, 'cause it's has its own charm and beauty". La Solución might be the Best Rumba album to date, - there's no doubt about this - but not the last Best, we've got to move on now, there are new audiences, and we will all continue giving back to Africa, what the blood and sweat of the slaves once lent us.
Special thanks to the late Guillermo Amores, co-producer of La Solución whose original idea, enthusiasm and vision received the support of the masters nation wide. To Mayra María García, La Solución Audiovisual Director, and Ileana Rodríguez Pelegrín for the connection. Congrats for Lester Brito, editor and post-producer, whose contribution is amazing and impressive! To EGREM label, which is supporting new music projects, and is widely open to the notions.
IN THE NOW ! While I am shaping these lines for our Channel website, Modern Timba Super Group Chispa y Los Cómplices feat. Los Muñequitos de Matanzas are presenting a Video Clip of the song Te Vas A Arrepentir (You will surely regret) filmed at Abdala Studios, adding Authentic Rumba to their new album !
Peace is all we need. - Toni Basanta, Host

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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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