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A carnival of music, joy and danceable tunes with host Toni Basanta. Featuring: Victor Goines and Janio Abreu with Aire de Concierto in Our Musical Heritage Live at the Fine Arts Museum in Havana, Cuba featuring two special guests, pianist Iván "Melón" Lewis and tres guitar player Michael McClintock.
Victor Goines is back in Havana, this time on January 14, 2018, responding to an invitation of Janio Abreu leader of Aire de Concierto. They had only 3 days to accomplish 3 concerts, interviews with the media, and a press conference. In these three days, Mr. Goines also left his pedagogue imprint spirit in several Music Schools where HE honored his peers and alumnis with his presence, talents, patience and wisdom. His musicianship was revealed in Concert while playing certain Cuban rhythms as Nengón, Pilón and Changuí, which are part of Our Musical Heritage, and have entered the Jazz canon, in later decades, with the emotional eloquence of a great singer, paired with the dazzling agility of a master soloist. A New Orleans icon, Mr. Goines is a kind of human being whose energy and inspiration contributed to the success of this unique performance at the Fine Arts Museum in Havana, Cuba. Special thanks to all the players, The Fine Arts Museum Theater and the Production Team!
AMAZONIC GIANT LINKS: Bassist Fabricio Pereira is from Porto Alegre, Brazil. He studied music in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and went to Havana to studyi Jazz and Cuban Rhythms, has settled down in the Cuban capital, and can be seen in projects with local artists as well as abroad with his peers in Norway, Brazil or Argentina. Pianist Harold Charón cut his teeth, even younger with Ruy López-Nussa y La Academia, and can be seen here with Aire de Concierto forging a long-standing relationship. Harold is studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.
FROM LA MECCA OF HAND DRUMMINMG: Percussionist Raul Rizo is among Havana's best kept secrets. He has a sterling reputation and a list of sessions, videos, and live performances with Ekelequa Oficial, Ruy López-Nussa y La Academia, Lindiana Murphy y Mantra, Grupo Mestizo, and more. Rizo's plate is full, from AfroCuban to Rock 'n Roll. Still those with attuned ears will recognize that Sergio Jiménez Varona has assembled pure gold with his sticks as a sideman and as a leader playing drums, assorted percussion and saxophone. Sergito can be seen with Proyecto Ser featuring singer Dalaytti, with Ruy López-Nussa y La Academia, with Javier Zalba's ZSaxos Quartet and his own jazz group.
SPAIN CALLING: Grammy Nominee and virtuosic pianist, Iván "Melón" Lewis has been playing in swinging tandem since his early days at ENA Music School, with Salsa Singer Issac Delgado, The Terry Family, with Timbalive in Miami, in Alfredo Chacón albums, Ieading his own Trios, and his Cuban Swing Express. "Melón" has turned the accompanist of renowned singers like Sole Jimenes in Madrid, Spain, where he settled domicile a few years ago. His most recent album release is Tumbao en Madrid, with 3 other dangerous Cuban cats: Pepe Rivero, Luis Guerra and Javier Massó better known as Caramelo de Cuba! Tumbao en Madrid is a Tribute to Cuban pianist Zenaida Manfugás.
KANSAS CITY HAVANA CALLING: Michael McClintock is a guitarist with a background in multiple styles of music including classical, flamenco, Brazilian and jazz. Since graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance, McClintock has continued his education at the Institute of the Fine Arts Superior Institute ( El ISA) in Havana, Cuba studying the Cuban TRES. In 2016, Michael and his wife, Cuban national, Dalida Barrios, created the project "Cubanisms", to increase awareness of Cuban culture in the USA. The project features a traditional Cuban musical ensemble and guided tours to the Island. Cubanisms released its debut album "Acento Cubano" in October 2017. McCintock was invited to participate in the Jazz Plaza International Festival in Havana, reason why he could share the stage with Victor Goines, Iván "Melón" Lewis, Janio Abreu and Aire de Concierto.
LEGENDS IN THE NOW : Janio Abreu, one of the most acclaimed saxophonists, clarinetists and composers of the past decade, reasserts his role as an invaluable bandleader. He shares the same rigorous adherence to arrangements, dynamics and improvisations, as well as an educator. The Abreu - Goines Friendship began a few years ago, when Janio was a student. This Encounter begs for a sharper focus on a larger canvas, on events like Horns To Havana, where many musicians-educators from the US, have visited the Island nation of Cuba to teach, inspired by the first visits of trumpet master Wynton Marsalis - leader of Jazz at The Lincoln Center Orchestra, and a Music Ambassador since the 1900'ies, when nobody else had dared to face the restrictions imposed by the blockade.
My thanks and love go to Rebecca Padula and LCATV, to Carla Pinney, for so many things in the last 5 years of my life, to all the musicians and to you - our audience. - Toni

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021
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