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A carnival of music, joy and danceable tunes with host Toni Basanta. www.cubanbridge.wordpress.com Featuring CUBANOS a Documentary Film with 16 Songs of José Luis Barba All these Songs speak to me, they touch a chord in me, and I hope they will do the same for you.

CUBANOS is a CD DVD with the music of José Luís Barba produced by Jerónimo Labrada Jr., engineer and musician featuring close friends living in Havana, Mexico, Miami, Madrid, New York and Chile. The input of audiovisual music experts René Arencibia and Mónica Castro Garcia gave Barba's compositions the boost they needed. Comments by broadcaster and writer Humberto Manduley, the 17 singers, and Grammy winner guitarist-arranger Amed Medina, from his Home Studio in Puebla, Mexico.

WHO IS JOSE LUIS BARBA ? I am sure that many viewers in Vermont and New England have never heard of José Luís Barba, although HE has been touring around the world such as Scandinavia and South America. He has however never been on Tour in the United States of America, but since 2015, BARBA lives in Florida, and knows may some day come to Vermont.

Before settling down in MIAMI, HE lived in Ecuador and Chile, where HE recorded his songs, played in concerts, and festivals, and wrote music for the movies. Special attention is given to the soundtrack of the film COFRALANDES, by Chilean film maker Raúl Ruiz, where BARBA also has an acting role. He plays a globe trotter wandering minstrel, who arrives with his fantastic stories to the city of Quilpué in the 1950s.

But this year, in JUNE 2021, JOSE LUIS BARBA finally arrives on VERMONT airwaves, guitar in hand with a bunch of organic tunes. With this idea that is the 16 tunes, each one naturally moves to the next, thus hopefully leading to a kind of freedom and sensitivity in every soloist, singer or instrumentalist, along his fabulous project CUBANOS, audio and film. All in All, CUBANOS represents a solid fraction of the Big Picture: La Nueva Trova Cubana. To support this memorable meeting BARBA and JERONIMO assembled some of the most cohesive recording artists of its day, as they can channel all the sounds of Cuba.

As an example, drummer Horacio "El Negro" Hernández, pianists Miguelito Nuñez and Tony Rodríguez, guitarist Octavio Kotán, and trumpet player and horn arranger Julito Padrón. I saw this film for the first time on Cuban Television during a visit to Havana, and I talked to Julio Machado, a Cuban TV producer about it. Since then, it had always been a dream for me to host it, as CUBANOS serves me as a symbol musically and personally.

CUBANOS has a special dedication to singers and song writers, Xiomara Laugart, Gema Corredera, Donato Poveda and Pavel Urkiza, guitarist Mario Daly, guitar-poet Pedro Luís Ferrer and Mayohuacán Group, which in their hey days, the 1980s, helped to propel Barba's Songs all over the island nation of Cuba, especially "Searching for a good color" (Buscando un buen color).

Once again, I feel most fortunate to be able to make a presentation on television, a film with new originals, and pointedly chosen sidemen, demonstrating how true communication and a fine sense of listening can create timeless expression. I humbly thank all of them. The lesson here is never give up on something you believe in. Acknowledgements to La Casa del Joven Creador in Old Havana, El Parque Almendares, La Peña de 13 y 8 in El Vedado, places which allowed freedom in all these Troubadours' playing and experiments, while being musically accessible. Hope they can all be repaired and active forever !

Thanks to Rebecca Padula and LCATV for providing me a great opportunity to feature some of my good friends on Television. More about them in my blog, The Cuban Bridge, and most likely soon on the radio. So please, stay tuned to LCATV as there are 16 clips, one for each song, produced by René Arencibia and Luís Leonel León, ripe of discovery in North America. - Peace Is All We Need

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Monday, June 21, 2021
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