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DRUMMER-PIANIST COMPOSER RUY ADRIAN LOPEZ-NUSSA TORRES on "TWO LANGUAGES" LIVE FROM THE MARTI THEATER in HAVANA. Every recording holds a story associated with it, especially in Jazz and Cuban Music. For Ruy Adrián's victorious debut album, the story is uniquely spiritual. TWO LANGUAGES (Dos Lenguajes) is the debut recording of Ruy Adrián López-Nussa Torres winner of the Tete Montoliu Composer Award in 2021.
The recording label is BIS MUSIC de Artex - that in the last 10 years is getting off the ground some of the finest artists in the island nation of Cuba. César López, Emilio Vega, Feliciano Arango, Bamboleo, Drums La Habana, Victor Goines and Janio Abreu with Aire de Concierto, and Enrique Lazaga are 7 of these groundbreaking artists, and their DVDs are already part of our music album. The subsequent title track for RUY ADRIAN's beautiful and mesmerizing recording was possible thanks to the topflight contributions from all his friends who made this album possible. Their ideas, patience, professionalism, experience, humility, camaraderie, and energy were invaluable. Each one came out of their comfort zones and their own projects to rehearse, and make it happen.
TWO LANGUAGES is fascinating beyond its title track and chief inspiration. The Duets are the literal and figurative heart of the recording, the whole session really soars, and in some cases is a DUET of THREE as Ruy Adrián plays drums and keyboards, and has a complete Orchestra on his hard drive as in LA YUKA FUNK - the Duet with violinist WILLIAM ROBLEJO, for instance. The recording opens with the ebullient H y 25 his family home address in El Vedado, on a Duet with his brother-pianist Harold López-Nussa, whose fingers find delicate and exciting ways of expressing themselves across the keys. A bevy of Special Guests also elevates the experience: Aldo López-Gavilán Junco, Mayquel González, Ruly Herrera, Ernán López-Nussa, Dayme Arocena, and Elmer Ferrer. TWO LANGUAGES contains the sounds of a blissful talent that has played on half the planet with his brother TRIO or QUARTET, and with his own Family Band.TWO LANGUAGES is just as the title says, a ride with a bunch of good friends and the indivisible López-Nussa Family.
RUY ADRIAN composed all the songs, except El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor), and Volver a Cuba (Returning to Cuba) by his uncle Ernán López-Nussa. He is motivated, inspired, ambitious, and energized, and soon we will be presenting TWO new projects named THE THREE MUSKETEERS and TRIO KACIQUE. He is a phenomenal young and busy cat, who really plays beyond his years. There is No Better example than his participation as the only percussionist on the DVD With Gourd, Peruvian Box and Piano featuring Güiro Legend Enrique Lazaga and 10 Wonderful Keys Wiz Maestros, bringing new life to Cuba's National Dance: El Danzón, already on our HFC catalogue on episode 100! No limitations, not even the sky might be the limit. Peace Is All We Need -Toni Basanta

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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