Lifelines 0092

Lifelines is an educational, pro-life issue oriented program focusing on current events and topics. Lifelines 0092 is comprised of individuals interviewed at Vermont Right to Life's Lobby Day at the State House on March 21, 2019. Their comments refer to H.57 and PR.5. Both bills described below. H.57, the unrestricted bill, passed the Vermont House by an overwhelmingly margin. Mary Hahn Beerworth, Executive Director, Vermont Right to Life Committee, commented: “It is official. The Vermont Democrat Party now holds the dubious distinction of being the party of unlimited, unrestricted and unregulated abortion-on-demand throughout pregnancy.” PR.5 would amend the Constitution of the State of Vermont to ensure that every Vermonter is afforded personal "reproductive liberty"; in other words, it would enshrine the right to abort pre-born babies.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019
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