Pathways to Progress 2020-10-22

McClure Foundation Senior Philanthropic Advisor Carolyn Weir and Mathew Barewicz, the Vermont Department of Labor's Economic & Labor Market Information Chief, speak with CCTV's Lauren-Glenn Davitian.

The COVID-19 virus continues to have a major impact on Vermont’s workforce. For many, especially in the hospitality and food service sectors, the work they were doing is gone. For others, this pause for reflection has them thinking about new career paths.

With unemployment rates still higher than they were before the pandemic, the Vermont Department of Labor and the McClure Foundation want Vermonters to know:

  •  That great jobs are available and will continue to be available across a variety of career fields
  •  That short-term career training programs can help people access many of these jobs
  •  And that philanthropy is helping to make some of the career training programs it considers “best bets” for landing a promising job even more affordable for Vermonters in 2021

For current and future jobseekers willing to invest in training and/or education after high school, it is clear: promising employment opportunities are already available throughout Vermont for people of all interests and backgrounds.

Pathways to Promising Careers is a revised list of the top high-pay, high-demand jobs projected for Vermont over the next 10 years—and the education/training needed to obtain them. Using the most recent data, the McClure Foundation partnered with the Vermont Department of Labor to identify 60-plus jobs, which are each expected to pay at least $22/hour median wage and to have at least 220 openings over the next decade.

More information about job prospects may be found here:


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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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