Pick-up Pickleball

PICK-UP SPORTS FOR ADULTS Adult pick-up sports are being played almost every day of the week in Milton! Whether you’re looking to get back into the game, find more players, make some friends, get some exercise, or just have fun - these are great options for you. Do you know of other pick-up groups in the area, or are you starting one yourself? Please let us know by emailing Ben Nappi at bnappi@miltonvt.gov.

PICKLEBALL Monday & Wednesday evenings, contact Ben Nappi at bnappi@miltonvt.gov

SOFTBALL Wednesday evenings, contact Bradley Bell at berad91683@yahoo.com

TENNIS Saturday mornings, contact Ben Nappi at bnappi@miltonvt.gov

VOLLEYBALL Sunday evenings, contact Kim Auer at bettyannwoods@gmail.com