North Hero

North Hero Selectboard Candidates Forum

North Hero School Budget forum from the LCATV studio Feb. 2014.

North Hero School budget presentation in advance of March 2015 Town Meeting Day

North Hero School Board's budget presentation in advance of 2016 Town Meeting Day voting

North Hero School Budget information in advance of March 2017 Town Meeting Day voting

Budget presentation by the North Hero School Board in advance of 2013 Town Meeting Day voting.

Budget presentation on the proposed 2012-13 North Hero School budget up for Vote on Town Meeting day in March.

Island Arts helped celebrate native history, art, and culture on Saturday, August 18th.  The Native American Community and friends conducted blessings, ceremonies, lectures on native history,...

“Messing Around” with Charlie Messing: performance art and musicology with songs spanning the last century. Music with talking, talking with music. Folk, blues, vaudeville, and modern pieces...

Island Arts hosted Melodeon, a group of three acclaimed musicians from the NYC music scene. They are known for performing selections from 19th Century Americana using period antique instruments....


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