Towns other than those that LCATV generally covers.

Press Conference  by 350Vermont  on Renewable Energy Standard Reform 11/28/2023

regular Press Conference from the Office of Vt. Governor Phil Scott.

The Chittenden County Regional Planning Organization (CCRPC) promotes cooperation among the 19 municipalities of the Chittenden County region.  Watch it online at cctv.org

Jane Lindholm, Host and Producer of But Why and Special Projects, for Vermont Public. For more information visit: eeevermont.org

Early on Saturday, October 7th, Palestinian resistance fighters broke through Israel's siege of Gaza. In response, Israel has declared total war against the people of Gaza

Host Rev. Mark Hughes, Executive Director of the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance, is joined by Wafic Faour, from Vermonters for Justice in Palestine, to discuss the current situation in Gaza and...

All Brains Belong VT presents The Language of Belonging , recorded on 11/14/2023

Bobby Bumps starts a lodge Paramount, Bray Cartoon, no. 39, Bobby Bumps starts a lodge Bobby Bumps plays a trick on his friend who wants to be initiated into his lodge. When his friend outsmarts...

Opiates and moving past approaches that don't help Communities across Vermont are witnessing more people struggling with opioid misuse. While the cry goes out to do something! it also seems that...

VT Natural Resources Council presents a Community Conversation in Ludlow on Clean Water and Climate Resilience. Following the devastating flood events of the past Summer, the Vermont Natural...


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