Westford Selectboard 2016-05-26

regular meeting of the Westford Selectboard

Production Date: 
Thursday, May 26, 2016
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Agenda Item: 
0:05 Public Comment
0:08 Minutes of May 12, 2016
0:13 Jackson Farm & Forest Project Coordinating Committee
0:35 Request to temporarily increase hours for Zoning Administrator
0:40 Update Fee Schedule for Zoning applications
0:43 Appointment of interim Zoning Administrator
0:48 Update on School property- Transfer parcels from School District to Town
0:55 Trash and recycling contract for services
1:10 Comcast settlement
1:13 Unumployment claim from Dept. of Labor for former employee
1:25 CCRPC Appointments
1:26 Follow up Request to relocate culvert on Brookside Road due to erosion problems
1:38 Follow up - replacing library septic tank
3:15 Follow up - Town Garage/Fire Department - Shared phone and Internet
3:35 Road Foreman, Road Schedule
3:43 Accounts Payable and Payroll Warrants
3:50 Correspondence and Excess Weight Permits