Westford Selectboard 2017-02-09

regular meeting of the Westford Selectboard

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Thursday, February 9, 2017
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0:00 Public Comment
0:03 Minutes of January 26, 2017
0:05 Jackson Farm and Forest Project
0:18 Spiller Lot
2:49 Authorize a Selectboard member, to sign the deed for the transfer of the 20-acre parcel owned jointly by the Town and School
2:55 Discuss clarifying ownership/rights for access located between town office and library
3:12 Letter from Melissa - waste water and clean water loan fund
3:17 Review easements and lease agreement for transfer of school property to town
4:03 Road Schedule
4:10 Temporary road crew member and benefits
5:49 Accounts Payable & Payroll Warrants
5:53 Correspondence
6:02 Excess Weight Permits