Westford Selectboard 2017-05-11

regular meeting of the Westford Selectboard

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Thursday, May 11, 2017
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Agenda Item: 
0:00 Changes to Agenda, Public Comment, Minutes of May 1, 2017, CSWD proposed FY18 budget - Sarah Reeves
0:21 Planning Commission memo regarding the transfer of school owned properties to the Town- Easements and Use Agreements
0:35 JFFP interim forest management plan discussion and approval; JFFP Town Forest Rec Planning Grant application and support letter
0:48 Haller pedestrian path easement/wastewater easement & compensation discussion
1:05 Request from Library for portalets for Fourth of July
1:13 Construction - Myers email
1:15 Road Foreman - Road Schedule
1:31 Treasurer- Accounts Payable and payroll warrants, Review of FY'17 budget status
3:10 Correspondence