Westford Selectboard 2020-10-08

regular meeting of the Westford Selectboard

Production Date: 
Thursday, October 8, 2020
Approximate Length: 
Agenda Items: 
0:00 Call to order
0:02 Changes to agenda
0:03 Approval of September 24, 2020 Minutes
0:04 Road Schedule: FY’22 Budget Requests
0:07 -Westford Common Hall (formerly known as United White Church)
0:20 -Planning Commission
0:29 -Brick Meeting House Society
0:38 Planning Commission request to change term limits
0:51 Request to have Halloween Party
1:03 Request to improve a portion of Rogers Road (Class IV portion)
1:24 Request for permit to travel on Schultz Trail by motorized vehicle to access property
1:32 Employee Health Insurance
1:41 November and December meeting schedule
1:49 Correspondence
1:52 Treasurer’s brief on the accounts payable & payroll warrants
1:59 Adjourn
Number of Plays: