Westford Selectboard 2021-09-09

Regular meeting of the Westford Selectboard.

Production Date: 
Thursday, September 9, 2021
Approximate Length: 
Program Source: 
Agenda Item: 
0:00 Call to Order, Changes to the Agenda, Public Comment
0:03 Minutes of August 5, 2021 and August 16, 2021
0:07 Highway Department: Road Schedule, Access Permits
0:20 CCRPC Annual Report- Charlie Baker
0:33 Amended Town Common Use application
0:46 Town Common Committee request for procedural change for expenditure requests
0:52 Dog waste dispensers for town common
0:57 Expansion and maintenance of trails with a feature track addition- Rec Committee & Conservation Commission proposal
1:13 Ongoing problem with dogs on town trails not under owner's control or leashed
1:18 Listers office and Town Assessor
1:30 Meeting Owl Pro 360 care package
1:36 Correspondence
1:39 Communication
1:40 Municipal COVID policy and protocols
1:50 Amended Step II CWSRF Engineering Service Agreement
1:54 Treasurer Accounts payable and payroll warrants
2:12 Executive Session