Regular meeting of the Westford Selectboard

Production Date: 
Thursday, August 24, 2023
Approximate Length: 
Agenda Items: 
0:00 Call to Order, Roll Call, Changes to the Agenda
0:04 Public Comment, Minutes of July 31, 2023; August 10, 2023; August 14, 2023
0:05 Highway Department: Review and approve Road Schedule
0:06 Access permit application for 337 Cambridge Road
0:16 FY'24 Highway Budget status report
0:22 Town Administrator position- transition and recruitment/hiring process
0:52 Fire Dept. paid on call proposal, tanker replacement, overall shape of the Dept.- Garret Bartlett
1:19 Community Wastewater Project: Review updated plans, cost estimates, etc. received from consultants
1:37 Continue work on Ordinance/Policy Resolution
2:26 Discuss user fees
2:58 Discuss Selectboard's Role/attendance at Sept. 13 and Oct 18 information meetings
3:05 Discuss financial decisions/info for inclusion in the information booklet to be published
3:10 Discuss and approve renewal of Village Center & Neighborhood Development Area designations
3:30 Discussion of possible restructure of town management
3:34 Correspondence / Communication
3:50 Treasurer: FY'24 General Fund Budget status report, Review and approve accounts payable and payroll warrants
3:56 Executive Session