Jorge Garcia Herranz 2023-08-18

Spanish-born pianist Jorge Garcia Herranz solo performance repertoire includes Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, and Schubert among others. He also improvises and draws on diverse musical genres to accompany silent movies. In addition to his solo concerts, his experience as an accompanist at the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud in Paris, France, makes him a frequent partner in chamber music performances. He has appeared with Island Arts for many seasons, to the delight of both local and more distant audiences. We are delighted to welcome Jorge Garcia Herranz back to the Islands once again.

Cerutti Reid Duo Concert 2023-08-11

Cerutti-Reid Duo: A chamber concert of piano & viola

Island Arts presents Cerutti-Reid Duo: A chamber concert of piano & viola. Pianist Alison Bruce Cerutti and violist Elizabeth Reid appear in their first performance at the Island Arts Center. On this summer evening chamber concert, you will hear Brahms’ F major Sonata, Canadian-American composer David Jaeger’s Tristan and Isolde Sonata, and the “Long Parting”  by Vermont composer Carol Wood.

Eclectica String Quartet 2023-07-29

Island Arts presents The Eclectica String Quartet. This fine Vermont chamber ensemble is dedicated to exploring the boundaries of the string quartet repertoire. The concert will feature music of the Danish String Quartet. This is soulful lyrical music inspired by folk elements, arranged beautifully for classical string quartet. These pieces flow smoothly from one to the other, in a concert of approximately one hour of music, without intermission. 

The members of Eclectica String Quartet are Sofia Hirsch, Laura Markowitz,  Ana Ruesink, and John Dunlop.