Bella Voca 2023-07-15

Island Arts Summer Concert Series presents Bella Voca. A vocal powerhouse band of six musicians with three vocalists. Tracy DeCoste, Brigid Bushey, Dan Rochester, Eric McCaughan, Dale Derusha, and Mike Trudo deliver great music from all genres. Dance your heart out! Bella Voca plays a great variety of music to please all, with songs from the Beatles, Adele, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Dua Lipa, just to name a few. The popular six-piece band performs in upstate NY and Vermont.

Mango Jam Barn Dance 2023-07-02

Mango Jam is a six-piece Burlington-based dance band playing straight-ahead Zydeco as well as New Orleans inspired funk, Reggae and Ska. Band members are Gus Ziesing, accordions, saxophones and vocals, Mimi Ryan, alto saxophone and vocals, Peter Riley, bass and vocals, Dennis Willmott, guitar and vocals, Bill Mullins, guitar and vocals, and Michael Bradshaw on drums. Presented by Island Arts.

Lake Sorbet Poetry and Guitar with Friends 2023-07-08

Island Arts presents Lake Sorbet Poetry and Guitar with Friends. Cleanse your creative palate as artists, poetry and music converge at the Homer Knight barn! Sorbet, poet Kathy Fisher and singer-songwriter Juliana Just Costa, and Special Guests, including pianist Peter Wetzler and flautist Zoe Just, for a transporting, eclectic and uplifting evening of words and music.