Towns other than those that LCATV generally covers.

Senate Committee on Finance. S.71 -Sales Tax Exemption for Candy, S.77 - Land Gains Tax Exemption, H.47 - Taxation of Electronic Cigarettes, S.54 - Cannabis Regulation. Recorded February 12, 2019...

Guy Page presents Vermont State House Headliners: 2019 Legislature Considers Gun, Carbon Pricing, and School Merger Bills. Recorded January 31, 2019.

Press Conference with Governor Scott: "See Something, Say Something" PSA Contest. Recorded February 14, 2019.

House Committee on Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife. Act 250 Committee Bill. Recorded February 6, 2019.

Information and interviews from the Vermont State House from ORCA Media in Montpelier

Proficiency Based Standards and Grading. Agency of Education - Per Pupil Count Readiness. H.185 - Transgender Access to School Programs. H.138 - Radon Testing in Schools. Recorded February 12,...

Wildlife veterinarian Dr. Walter Cottrell speaks about the disease, how it is spread, its effects on deer populations, and efforts needed to keep the disease from entering Vermont.

This extreme legislation declares that an unborn child has no rights before birth and aborton is a fundamental right that can't be restricted in any way." -Mary Beerworth...

20190207 Vermont Democratic House Bill PSA H107

Regular meeting of the Green Mountain Care Board


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